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Company Profile
Our company, Light N Sight (I) Pvt. Ltd., embarked it journey exactly a decade back and since then we have been delivering the latest variety of LED and Conventional Lighting systems. To meet with the requirements of our customers and serve them in the most efficient way possible we bank upon our dynamic team and it is a matter of great pride for us that our team has never let us down. Hard work and dedicated approach are the key strengths and due to these two factors we can achieve every organizational goal.

Our Product Range

We, Light N Sight (I) Pvt. Ltd., are situated in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra and are recognized as the best LED Lights solution provider. Our range encompasses:

  • LED Spot Lights
    • Spot Light- 1W
    • Spot Light- 1W
    • 1W LED Spot Light
    • 3W LED Spot Light
    • COB LED Spot Light- 3W
    • 3W COB LED Spot Light
    • 3W LED
    • COB LED Spot Light- 3W
    • COB LED Spot Light- 5W
    • 5W COB LED Light
  • LED Down Lights
    • 6W SMD LED Down Light
    • 6W SMD LED Down Light
    • 7W COB LED Down Light
    • 8W LED Down Lights
    • 8W LED Down Light
    • 10W COB LED Down Lights
    • 16W SMD LED Down Light
    • 20W COB LED Downlight
    • 24W SMD LED Down Light
    • 30W COB LED Downlight
    • 32W SMD LED Down Light
  • Metal Head Down Lights
    • Metal Head With Glass Reflector Downlights
    • Metal Head Downlight
    • 35W / 70W Meta Head Downlights
    • 35W / 70W / 150W Metal Head Downlights
    • CDMT-C Track Spot Light
  • LED Pendant Lights
    • 6W COB LED Pendant Light
    • 12W COB LED Pendant Lights
  • Garden Lights
  • Ballasts
  • LED Zoom Lights
  • Linear Lights
  • LED Driver/ SMPS
  • LED Flood Lights
    • 10W LED Flood Light
    • 20W LED Flood Light
    • 30W LED Flood Light
    • 50W LED Flood Light
    • 70W LED Flood Light
    • 100W LED Flood Light
    • 150W LED Flood Light
    • 1x1W LED SMPS
    • FLD- 00301E- 650 LED SMPS
    • 3X1W LED SMPS
    • 5X1W LED SMPS
    • SD- S003301CA4 LED SMPS
    • (4- 7) X 1W LED SMPS
    • (12- 18) X1W LED SMPS
    • FL01501- 280 LED SMPS
    • FL005 - 450 LED SMPS
    • 5W- L LED SMPS
  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Surface Lights
  • LED Street Lights
  • LED Foot Lights
  • LED Track Lights
  • LED Strip Lights
  • LED 2*2 Luminaries
  • LED Low/ Mid/ High Bay Lights
  • Wall Lights
  • Architectural/ Decorative Lights
  • LED Lamps
  • LED Batten Lights
  • Conventional Lights
  • LED Mirror/ Picture Lights
  • Swimming Pool Lights
  • Pole Lights
  • Post Tops

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